Saturday, July 26, 2014

MyCashNow Cash Advance

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MyCashNow provided payday and cash advance style loans until they closed their doors in August 2013.  They were one of several financial services operated by SupportSeven LLC in Chattanooga TN and owned by entrepreneur Carey V Brown.  New York Bank regulators contended that the company's lending practices did not follow established guidelines for U.S. banking.  However Mr. Brown contended that the company operated online servers off shore and therefor did not need to follow the same guidelines required for traditional lenders.

Mr Brown terminated services for, . and, all operated by SupportSeven LLC.  Mr Brown stated he intends to resume operations for those sites in the near future once details are worked out with banking regulators.  If you are a current customer for one of those lending services, your account has been closed.  You may reapply once the services come back online, or you may seek services from one of the lenders we have listed below.
The following services were operated by SupportSeven;

Below are two direct cash advance lenders with similar rates and services.


Fixed $15 Fee Structure

Direct Lender


Fixed $30 Fee Structure

Direct Lender

If you are in need of a small short term loan for emergencies you should first review less expensive alternatives such as borrowing from family members or even friends.  These "no credit" emergency loans serve a useful purpose when managed properly but they are not an effective long term financial or budgeting strategy.