Saturday, July 26, 2014

Payday Loans From CashCentral

CashCentral Lender Services

CashCentral is a direct lender of both payday loans and installment loans with a focus on those individuals which may have a tougher time securing loans do to bankruptcy or lower credit scores.

CashCentral offers some of the lowest loan rates in the industry starting at just $8 per $100 for an 18 day loan, although this varies by state and may not be representative of your actually fees.

Their online loan process is quick and simple.  The applicants provides their personal information, employment details, and a checking account.  Approval takes just minutes and loans approved before 7pm EST will be deposited in your account on the next business day.

Repayment is automatic.  On payment day the full amount of your loan, plus the service fee is debited from your checking account.  You may request an extension of up to 30 days for an additional fee.

Installment Loans

CashCentral offers installment loans from $750 to $5,000 depending on your state of residence.  Repayments are taken either monthly or bi-weekly.   The minimum term for installment loans is 6 months but may be as long as 36 months.

To be eligible for an installment loan from CashCentral you must;
  • Have an income history of at least three months.
  • Have a minimum monthly income of $1000 after taxes.
  • Provide a valid checking account.
  • Have a working home telephone number.
  • Have a valid Social Security number.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.

CashCentral offers some of the most flexible cash advance and installment loan programs in the industry with low service fees.  However, not all states are covered.  The map below shows the states and services provided by CashCentral.



Direct Lender
Lowest Fixed Fees
Flexible Repayment Terms

Loans Up To $5,000 

Not All States Are Served

Rating:  4.5 Stars
Rating Justification
We rated CashCentral a 4.5 star rating for it's flexible loan programs, simple application process, and helpful customer service.  The only thing keeping them from a 5 star rating is the relatively small number of states they service.