Saturday, July 26, 2014

PayDayMax Cash Advance Loans

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Pay Day Max was a direct cash advance lender operated by SupportSeven LLC out of Chattanooga TN.  It closed its operations in August 2013 under direction from New York Bank regulators for its lending practices.  

The company maintains its payday lending websites were operated offshore, and did not fall under the jurisdiction of New York banking regulations and were not required to comply with state law.  

The vast majority of payday loan and cash advance service lenders comply with U.S. banking regulations.  Our purpose here is to help you make informed decisions when considering a cash advance.

The following payday loan and cash advance services were operated by SupportSeven and have ceased operations;


If you are searching for an alternative to PayDayMax consider the following lenders.  They have similar fee structures and are both direct lenders.


Fixed $15 Fee Structure

Direct Lender


Fixed $30 Fee Structure

Direct Lender