Saturday, July 26, 2014

Payday Loans Online From CashNetUSA


I have used CashNetUSA several times in the past unlike many other payday advance lenders, CashNetUSA is a direct lender.  What this means is that you can apply online directly to CashNetUSA and receive immediate approval with cash advanced usually overnight.  Other online cash advance lenders take your information and forward it to a network of lenders to review.  Occasionally this may provide better terms for your loan, but it also means each lender will pull a credit report.  Frequent credit inquiries will reduce your credit score.

Cash advance fees and maximum loan amount will vary from state to state.  But in general I have found CashNetUSA to offer among the lowest loan rates online. 

For example, if you live in my home state of Michigan a payday advance of $600 for 14 days will cost you just $76.  In other words, you will receive a $600 advance overnight, and 14 days later your checking account will be debited for $676.  Though credit card advances are a cheaper form of short term financing, if your credit card is maxed, or if you have no credit cards, a cash advance from CashNetUSA is a very reasonable alternative for your emergency cash needs.


1.  When you setup your loan, set it up as a single monthly payroll period even if you get paid bi-monthly.  Why?  Because that loan becomes a 30 day loan instead of 14 days at no extra cost.
2.  Many states allow your payday loan to be extended at no additional cost.  For example, in Michigan a payday loan can be extended over three pay periods.  So if you set up your account for single monthly payroll, that $600 loan, and it's $676 repayment can be spread out over 3 months with no additional fees.  That is cheap money.

**  But won't they check with my employer to varify my pay period?   Maybe, but I've used services likes these a dozen times and not once has my employer ever been contacted.

Installment loans are also available from CashNetUSA in some states.  Installment loans of up to $2,000 are available with pay back periods of up to 15 months.

States Not Served

Not all states are served by CashNetUSA.  At this time the following states are not served.  You may review the terms for your specific state at CashNetUSA by clicking on this link.

West Virginia
North Carolina
New York
New Hampshire



Is A Direct Lender
Among The Lowest Fees
Flexible Repayment Terms

Up to $2,000 Advanced
Not All States Are Served

Rating:  4.5 Stars
Rating Justification
CashNetUSA has been given a 4.5 star rating for its uncomplicated application process, informative website, and low fee structures.  They lost half a star due to the fact not all states are serviced at this time.